A-Sense is: 

- Full responsibility for products;

- Products with the highest, repeatable quality;

- Products prepared to specific customer needs;

- Offer for B2B entities, without competing with clients;

- Flexibility and openness to all technologies. In addition to specializing in supercritical extraction, we can implement technologies necessary to complete a specific order


The comapny goal is to produced specialized, low-tonnage chemical products, for applications in different industries. Currently, our production is intended mainly for producers of e-liquid, but we are constantly expanding our portoflio, and we have a plan to launch new product lines in the near future.

The quality of products is the most important for us. Quality is our mission and goal # 1.We focus on communication with the client and the quality of our customer service, including the speed of delivery.

We control the entire production process - from raw material to the final product.

Our company operates in the heart of agricultural Poland and has access to many raw materials of natural origin.

The research and development works are always the very important factor in our activity. The A-Sense company was established in 2017, we have been on the market for over 2 years.

The founders were Tomasz Kalwat, who has many years of experience in the chemical industry, and Tomasz Chmal, a former partner at White & Case.