Top quality as standard.

Our nicotine is made in Europe. What does it mean? Nicotine is a product that quickly degenerates, and oxidation is the biggest enemy of purity.

Most of other suppliers use additives, e.g. antioxidants, but also flavouring agents (!). We do not: pure nicotine does not have any colour, it is transparent, with perfect optical rotation.

Each production batch is certified by the state-owned Institute of Chemical Organic Industry (IPO). Some certificates are here.

Two methods are applied in tests: titration (as required by European Pharmacopoeia) and GC-FID. Since the first one is by its nature not as precise as it should be, also GC-FID method is used. We exceed by far the criteria for determination of nicotine as pharmaceutical purity.

We do not use any additives in our nicotine, UNLESS specifically requested by customer.

Packaging – as requested by customer, from 1L to 220L barrels, including re-usable containers.

A-Sense has got REACH registration for production of nicotine for volumes up to 10 tonnes a year.  

Quality certificates of our nicotine: show | show