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The A-Sense Shop is a place where you can find products of the highest quality, delivered as quickly as possible. The company A-Sense is specialized in the production of chemical components. On our website you will find products such as nicotine, nicotine salts, nicotine bases and cosmetic components.

Our products

For over 7 years of our activity, domestic and foreign customers have trusted us.


    We control the entire production process, so we can certify the highest quality of our products


    We are flexible and open to our clients, so we can offer competitive prices and products tailored to the needs of each client.


    The quality of our products is proven by tests conducted by European laboratories. We are REACH certified.

Highest quality products

When you choose the A-Sense Shop, you have the guarantee that the products you order are of the highest quality. The products we manufacture are carefully tested. We have the REACH certificate. The products have been tested not only in Polish but also in European laboratories. In the A-Sense shop you will find all the materials you need to manufacture the final product. We do everything to bring A-Sense in line with the idea of One Stop Shop.

When you choose A-Sense products, you are choosing the highest quality at the best price. We offer you the products required to manufacture the product. Importantly, we sell each component separately. In our store you can buy products in any quantity. 

Would you like to buy products in bulk? Contact us at: bartosz.slon@a-sense.pl

Nicotine and nicotine salts in A-Sense

The nicotine available in our store is produced in Europe. It is important to know that each batch of the product is tested with LC/MS and GC/MS chromatograph. The properties of A-Sense nicotine are purity over 99.5%, no change in the final product, no color, no odor.


Nicotine salts are produced on the basis of our own A-Sense nicotine and pharmaceutical grade acids. We offer salts such as benzoate, salicylate, malate, tartrate, pyruvate, levulinate and lactate.

Nicotine and Nicotine Salts

Our nicotine is produced in Europe. Each batch of the product is tested using an LC/MS and GC/MS chromatograph. Nicotine is also checked in independent laboratories, such as: Institute of Organic Industry, Eurofins.

  • Chromatogram certificate, quality certificate + MSDS
  • 100% natural product derived from tobacco
  • Pharmaceutical grade

Cosmetic raw materials A-Sense

It should also be emphasized that we offer and produce the highest quality cosmetic raw materials. Our offer includes, among others: active substances, cold-pressed oils, acids, CO2 and standardized extracts, and custom-made substances. Check out the A-Sense offer today and choose quality.

Cosmetic raw materials

The highest quality cosmetic raw materials at your fingertips

  • CO2 and standardized extracts
  • Active substances
  • Acids
  • Cold-pressed oils
  • Liposomes
  • Raw materials made to order


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