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Nicotine in A-sense

The nicotine in A-Sense is produced in Europe. It is a safe and high-quality product that meets international standards, which has been confirmed by tests in Polish and European laboratories.

In addition, the nicotine in A-Sense is characterised by a purity level of over 99.5% A-Sense is a company that produces chemical raw materials of the highest quality.


The store’s offer includes, among others: Products such as:


> Nicotine

> Nicotine salts

> Nicotine bases

> Cosmetic raw materials

> MCT flavours

Pure liquid nicotine is produced in Europe. It should be emphasized that each batch of the product is tested with an LC/MS and GC/MS chromatograph. Each nicotine delivery is accompanied by a chromatogram, quality certificate and MSDS.


It should be emphasized that the pure nicotine in A-Sense Liquid far exceeds pharmaceutical purity standards. In addition, the nicotine is tested in Polish and European laboratories as well as in independent laboratories such as Eurofins.


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Nicotine is a natural product that comes from tobacco. Our experience, knowledge and developed technology allow us to always obtain the same product of the highest quality. The characteristic features of the pure liquid nicotine product are:


Product purity above 99.5%

Odorless product,

Transparent product,

The obtained product does not change the taste and color of the final product,

The highest product quality confirmed by research.


As a manufacturer of 1L liquid nicotine, we ensure that the A-Sense range is tailored to the needs of our customers. The liquid nicotine manufacturer ensures that the quality of each batch is reproducible and of the highest standard. Choosing the right manufacturer of pure nicotine is a guarantee of fast deliveries and the best price.


The nicotine manufacturer constantly monitors the quality of the manufactured products. The manufacturer supplies nicotine in original and sealed packaging with the necessary information.

As a supplier of liquid nicotine, we deliver the highest quality product in containers from 1 liter and above. The nicotine molecule is a pharmaceutical grade product. The purity of the nicotine produced in A-Sense is over 99.5%.

As a supplier, we control the product development process at every stage. The supplier of liquid nicotine subjects the manufactured product to tests in Polish and European laboratories.


The manufacturer of pure nicotine prepares the necessary documentation in accordance with international standards. The highest quality of the product, i.e. the nicotine concentrate, is confirmed by the REACH certificate. Choosing a product such as pure liquid nicotine is a guarantee of a competitive price.

The synthetic nicotine produced in our laboratory is nicotine that does not come from tobacco. It should be emphasized that synthetic nicotine has an identical chemical structure to nicotine derived from tobacco.


Synthetic nicotine, when added to the final product, provides a more pleasant taste experience

Pure EP nicotine (USP nicotine) is the best nicotine for the production of products such as liquids, nicotine pouches and others. A-Sense nicotine is manufactured in Europe. The customer receives a natural product that is of the same high quality every time.

A-Sense also offers nicotine for nicotine pouches. Nicotine for nicotine pouches contains no tobacco. In addition, nicotine for nicotine pouches does not produce smoke. Nicotine for snus is odorless and intended for oral use. Nicotine for the ear is available in different concentrations. Find out more about the A-Sense range today.