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Pharmaceutical nicotine in A-sense

Pharmaceutical nicotine from sklep A -Senseis a premium product, manufactured in Europe while maintaining the highest quality standards. This is confirmed by the prestigious REACH certificate, guaranteeing compliance with strict safety and environmental protection standards.

Features of A-Sense nicotine:

> Production in Europe: A-Sense nicotine is produced in modern laboratories in Europe, which ensures control over every stage of production and guarantees highest product quality.

> REACH Certificate: The REACH certificate confirms the compliance of A-Sense nicotine with rigorous safety and environmental protection standards. This means that the product is free from harmful substances and safe for use.

> Meeting international standards: A-Sense nicotine meets all international standards for the quality and purity of pharmaceutical nicotine.

> Meticulous testing: The product is subjected to meticulous testing in both Polish and European laboratories to ensure its safety and effectiveness.< /span>

> Pharmaceutical purity: The most important feature of A-Sense nicotine is its pharmaceutical purity. This means that the product is free from impurities and substances harmful to health.

> Certainty of origin: A-Sense nicotine is produced from the highest quality raw materials of known origin,  which ensures its safety and purity.< /span>

> Efficacy: The pharmaceutical purity of A-Sense nicotine guarantees its high effectiveness in medical and research applications.

> Safety: A-Sense nicotine is produced in accordance with strict safety and environmental standards, which ensures it is safe for use.< /span>

The A-Sense store offers a product that is pure  pharmaceutical nicotine 99.9%. Each batch of the product is tested with an LC/MS and GC/MS chromatograph. The nicotine we produce exceeds pharmaceutical purity standards. This is the highest quality product at the best price.

The main characteristics of the product, pharmaceutical pure nicotine, include: 

> 99.9% purity

> no smell

> transparency

> no change in taste, smell or color in the final product

> highest product quality

The product offer applies to a capacity of 10 ml. Do you want to order a larger quantity? Write to us to find out about our wholesale offer. A-Sense is a guarantee of quality, favorable price and fast delivery.

Do you want to buy products in bulk? Contact us: bartosz.slon@a-sense.pl