Project no. FELU.02.07-IP.01-041/23-00 entitled. “Internationalization and increase of competitiveness of A-SENSE Sp. z o.o. company through expansion to foreign markets”.

The project was submitted under Measure 2.7 of the European Funds for Lublin 2021-2027 and is currently being implemented (21.03.2024 – 31.12.2026).

The subject of the project is the internationalization of A-SENSE Sp. z o.o. through the implementation and execution of the developed development strategy. The applicant, thanks to the financial support, between 2024 and 2026, will take part in 18 trips to trade fairs of both native suppliers of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry (PCI) and the cosmetics and household chemicals industry (HPCI – Home and Personal Care Ingredients Central and Eastern Europe), as well as in international industry events such as BEAUTY DUESSELDORF (Germany); in-cosmeticsGlobal or Cosmetorium (France; Spain). The implementation of the project will positively influence the activities of A-SENSE company, among others, by:

  • increasing export potential as a result of brand promotion and increasing its recognition on foreign markets,
  • establishing cooperation with foreign contractors,
  • increasing the competitiveness of the company,
  • increasing the staff of employees.
  • The project will result in the establishment of fresh business contacts (min. 45) and the signing of new business contracts (min. 9).

The company, through systematic market analysis and experience gained from international cooperation with chemical industry contractors, has selected three products that the company believes have significant export potential. The subject of internationalization will be products such as synthetic cannabidiol (CBD), Xanthohumol (XAntiAge), Azulene (Blue Renew). All of the products included in the internationalization are produced by the company in the Lublin region and have not been covered by the company’s marketing efforts to date. These products respond to current trends in the industry and are characterized by high competitiveness Promotion and marketing in the industry’s international markets and the home market, will significantly increase interest in A-sense’s offerings and increase the company’s share of sales in foreign markets.

Total cost of the project – 517,392.64 PLN