Czystość > 99% Przezroczysta, bezzapachowa Zgodnie ze wszystkimi standardami USP

Our pure nicotine is produced in Europe. What does that mean? Nicotine is a product that degenerates quickly, and oxidation is the greatest enemy of purity.

Every batch of the product is certified by the Institute of Organic Industry. The certificates are available here. Two methods are used in the tests: titration (required by the European Pharmacopoeia) and GC-FID. Since the former is not as precise as it should be, the GC-FID method is also used. We far exceed the criteria for determining nicotine as pharmaceutical grade.

Packaging - on request - from 1 litre bottles to 220 litre drums, including reusable containers. All is prepared in factory in Europe (Poland)

Quality certificates of our nicotine: open | open

Trade name Nicotine
CAS number 54-11-5
Content of nicotine over 99,9 %
USP Conforms all USP parameters
Appearance Colourless, clear, free from suspended matters
Shelf life 2 years
Suggested storage conditions

Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly cloesd original packaging at temperature 0-10 oC. 

Keep away from childern


Europe (Poland)


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