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Nicotine bases in A-sense

A-Sense’s nicotine bases are made from the highest quality nicotine, proprietary nicotine salts and pharmaceutical grade glycol and glycerin. A-Sense is a company that specializes in the production of chemical raw materials. We offer products of the highest quality, which are tested in Polish and European laboratories.

The A-Sense offer is a response to the needs of our customers and market trends. The A-Sense business is run according to the idea of a one-stop store. Our offer includes all elements necessary for the production of the final product.


Nicotine bases, nicotine, nicotine salts and cosmetic raw materials are products of the highest quality. This is confirmed by the tests carried out in Polish and European laboratories and the REACH certificate issued to us.

The nicotine bases available in our offer are products of the highest quality. Our offer includes:


> nicotine bases 100mg,

> nicotine base 500mg,

> nicotine base 200mg,

> nicotine base 1000ml,

> wholesale quantities of nicotine base.


The nicotine bases are available in different capacities so that each customer can order exactly the amount of product they need.

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The nicotine salt base is a necessary element for the production of the final product. A base with nicotine salt in combination with any flavour allows you to create a unique and one-of-a-kind composition.


Nicotine salt base is available in different capacities so that our customers can buy each product separately in the quantity they need. Nicotine salt is a product manufactured in Europe.