Nicotine salts

Nicotine salts in A-sense

A-Sense is a company that specializes in the production of chemical raw materials. We are a company that produces chemical raw materials of the highest quality, such as:


> Nicotine

> Nicotine salts

> Nicotine bases

> Cosmetic raw materials

> MCT flavours


Check out our store’s offer and choose nicotine salts of the highest quality.


The nicotine salt from A-Sense is produced on the basis of A-Sense’s own nicotine and pharmaceutical grade acids. As a manufacturer, we can control the quality of our product at every stage of its development. It should be emphasized that A-Sense is a notified manufacturer of nicotine salts in the European Union.


Another advantage is the fact that A-Sense is one of the few companies that can produce nicotine salts in the form of powder of any grain size. A-Sense products are carefully tested in Polish and European laboratories

The store for nicotine salts offers the necessary elements to produce the end product. We follow the idea of the One Stop Shop. We make sure that our current range contains the products that our customers are looking for. On the nicotine salt store website you will find, among other things:


> nicotine salt 200 mg,

> nicotine salt 100 mg,

> nicotine salt 500 mg,

> nicotine salt base,

> pure nicotine salt,

> nicotine salt powder


The nicotine salts are available in different quantities so that each customer can order the quantity required for the manufacture of the end product.


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We can offer top quality product at competitive prices. The price of nicotine salt is very good and the quality of the product is first class. The high quality of the manufactured products is confirmed by the REACH certificate.

The best nicotine salt is made from A-Sense nicotine. It is important to know that nicotine salts are a naturally occurring form of nicotine. It should be noted that the effects of nicotine salts and nicotine are different.


The taste of nicotine salt is milder and the effect lasts much longer. The best nicotine salt is produced on the basis of careful research, which ensures the highest quality of the product.

Nicotine salt shot contains a concentrated dose of nicotine. Nicotine Salt Shot is a high quality product that allows you to control the concentration of nicotine in the final product. Nicotine Salt Shot is available in different capacities.

The nicotine salt base for the production of e-liquids is made from A-Sense nicotine and pharmaceutical grade acids. A-Sense nicotine salt base is a product whose quality is reproducible with every batch. We control the production process very carefully so that you can always be sure that the product you order is of the highest quality.


The nicotine salt base is made from a high-quality mixture of salt, vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol.