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Nicotine snus in A-sense

Nicotine pouches, also known as nicotine snus, are becoming increasingly popular. They are high-quality products that are very easy to use. A-Sense is the manufacturer of these consumables. Try them out and see for yourself!


Nicotine snus originated in Scandinavia. This product has gained popularity over the years in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. This product is suitable for consumption. The nicotine contained in the pouches is similar in structure to snuff but is used in a completely different way.


The nicotine pouches are placed under the lip (lower or upper lip). These are ten ways in which nicotine is absorbed into the body.

A-Sense is a manufacturer that provides high-quality products that are delivered within the shortest possible time. As a manufacturer, we can constantly monitor the entire production process. Our products are carefully tested in Polish and English laboratories.


The highest quality of our products is confirmed by the REACH certificate we have received. Our offer includes all products necessary for the composition of the final product. We serve both retail and wholesale orders.


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Our store is the place where you will receive the highest quality at a favorable price. Choose your favorite variant of nicotine pouches, adjust their strength to your needs, and enjoy your order within just a few days.

The A-Sense store’s offer is based on the One Stop Shop idea. This place contains all the necessary elements to create the final product. Our offer includes, among others:


>  Nicotine

>  Nicotine salts

>  Nicotine bases

>  Cosmetic raw materials

>  MCT flavours