Nicotine Salts

We produce nicotine salts based on nicotine of our production (REACH) and pharmaceutical purity acids. We are a notified producer of nicotine salts in the EU.

Nicotine salts is in fact a naturally occuring form of nicotine. Tobacco leaves do not contain nicotine in the form as it is used in e-liquids, it contains nicotine salts, mostly maleinate and citrate.

Many companies extensively report advantages of using nicotine salts over regular, free-base nicotine. We focus on making the salts and nicotine salt bases of right quality, which is not as easy as many think.


There are many differences in salts: form (powder, liquid), chemical composition, solubility in PG/VG and many others.

Not every salt composes well with all aromas, which is why we produce test kits at the customer's request.

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Nicotine salts we offer: